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is the collections of all complete OrangeBat Puzzle Game fanfics from the beginning to the latest one.

OrangeBat Puzzle Game is the fan-made project dedicated for Inaho x Slaine fanfics on AO3/ff. The game objective is to presenting the appreciation gifts to InaSure authors and sharing activities with AZ fellowship to have a merry-memorial time together.

WHERE IS IT FROM, 伊奈スレ 楽園 

After received the ficlet gift from Himmelreich, I found an idea of what I can do for this fandom even as a reader. So, the first step was made, and it keep on going (and growing) solely on InaSure pairing.

Hope you enjoy all fanfic works here (and many others in AO3/ff) as every AZ writers have been working hard on, to create lots of great masterpieces.

Thank you for being here together, in our beloved OrangeBat world. 

Respectfully yours.




This is non-profit project. All works had been authorised.


No part of these works be used or reproduced

in any manner whatsoever without written permission.